Going Green on set

Filmmaking is big business; even on a small scale filmmaker’s rely on essentials like printed scripts, plastic water bottles and usually a whole lot of electricity. We as people, and as filmmakers, need to start taking more responsibility for our planet and help to battle climate change. So if you’re ready to become an eco-warrior, we have a few top tips to encourage you in making your film go green.

Ditch the plastic water bottles!

I’ve been on a few productions now that have outright banned plastic water bottles on set. The move to a reusable water canteen not only reduces the number of plastic water bottles left lying around a set but also helps reduce waste in general. Consider getting everyone in the crew a small refillable bottle that they can easily refill on set. You could even get a canteen with the production branding on as part of a nifty crew gift!

 Empty plastic drinking water bottles

Stop printing!

Okay, so sometimes you do need to print scripts, call sheets and production notices. However, consider the number of times you press print. A lot of productions have switched to sending digital copies of documents to cast and crew. Sometimes people may ask for a printed copy so it’s worth keeping a few hard copies lying around, but consider if you really need to print 100 copies each night.



It’s basic, but it does make a difference. Set up separate bins for trash, recycling and food waste near cafeterias and even on set. Explain to the cast and crew which bin is what and encourage everyone to take a moment to organise their rubbish into the correct bin.


Hire an Eco Manager

If you have the budget, consider hiring an Eco-Manager for your production. Someone who’s job role is to monitor how green the production is and come up with and implement new strategies. You could also double up this role with someone already on the production such as a production assistant who could also take on the extra responsibilities.


Turn the lights off!

Not during a take or when you are setting up, but if you are taking a few minutes away from the set, Power down the equipment. All of those fancy lights are using up a lot of electricity and turning them off, even for a few minutes can really make a difference.


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