2019 Award Winners

Best Short Film

Directed by –  J.D. Funari

As a young couple fights for survival in the harsh California desert, they confront the choices that brought them to a crossroads in their relationship.


Best Short Script

Written by Dave Thomas 

A mystical woman appears with a very important message for a Train Station-Master – a message he refuses to accept.


Best Feature Script

Written by Caitlin Stedman

A young woman, who watched her parents die tragically, struggles to navigate burgeoning adulthood in a small town while providing for herself and her brothers.


Best Feature Film

Directed by Dustin Orgas

When his wife is on her deathbed and they are about to lose their little toy store, quick-tempered Klaus begins to search for a healing stone that can supposedly save his wife’s life.

In order to do so, he unfortunately steals a car, in which the terminally ill wife of a desperate esoteric named Oskar lies.