Going Green on set

Filmmaking is big business; even on a small scale filmmaker’s rely on essentials like printed scripts, plastic water bottles and usually a whole lot of electricity. We as people, and as filmmakers, need to start taking more responsibility for our planet and help to battle climate change. So if you’re ready to become an eco-warrior, we have a few top tips to encourage you in making your film go green. Ditch the plastic water bottles! I’ve been on a few productions now that have outright banned plastic water bottles on set. The… Read More

Master the art of ‘The Treatment’

A lot of writers dive into writing a script before they even have a fully constructed plan. Treatments are widely used in television to pitch a proof of concept idea before committing to writing the full film or episode. A lot of film writers neglect to write a treatment, often early in a writers career he/she will write pages and pages of work that never see the light of day. So could using a treatment help you prioritize and organize your workload better? Well the simple answer is yes. A concise, well… Read More

Three things a writer should ask every day

There are so many different things that you need to think about when writing a script, whether that be a short, a feature or even a TV series. It can be especially hard to follow every piece of advice out there in books, online or blogs. So forget formulas, rules and characters arcs (okay don’t forget them completely but do so for now!) What are the three fundamental questions you need to ask yourself as a writer before you write? What is the point? No this isn’t a hopeless quote intended to… Read More

Case Study: The Room – Learning from Mistakes

Become a master of disaster… If you’ve seen or heard of The Room or even the recent film The Disaster Artist, chances are you have heard of the infamous Tommy Wiseau. Known to the world for making what is considered the ‘worst movie of all-time’. Personally I would say there are worse movies out there, some endorsed by major studios but that’s for another article! The Room is a must watch for any filmmaker, writer or even any film lover out there. Made for what is believed to be around a 6… Read More

How to Format a Screenplay

So you want to write a script but don’t know how to format it? You’ve come to the right place! Whilst writing this blog post I stumbled upon an incredible document in The BBC’s Writer Room. It breaks a script down into every element and lays out exactly how a screenplay should look! Amazing right? Here’s a link to the document as a PDF: Screenplay Format So you’ve read the document and you can see how a screenplay is assembled. Now what? A lot of the scripts I’ve seen have been written… Read More