Top 3 things a writer forgets when writing a screenplay

When you’re writing a script it’s easy to lose sight of some of the basics when you’re buried deep in your story. Remember these three points and you’ll be well on your way to writing a best selling script! Engage your audience Your audience need to be engaged and entertained. You might have to explain some very crucial plot elements in your story but try to do this in interesting and unique ways. A direct quote I remember from ‘Save the Cat’ was the Pope in the Pool Moment. If you haven’t… Read More

The Writer Prepares

Writing a screenplay can often feel like a very daunting task. If you are lucky enough to have an idea for a story your first impulse might be to rush out, write a script and make a film. Before you even start planning who will play your leading cast I just want to remind you of a few steps all screenwriters should follow before even picking up a pen (or reaching for a keyboard). Top 5 tips  Read screenplays So many writers don’t know how to correctly format a script. There really… Read More

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