Nominees 2020 – 2021

2020 – 2021 Annual Shepperton Screenwriting Festival Nominees

Best Short Screenplay


The Magician’s Assistant – Lillie Dixon

Mum’s House – Pete Eliot


Boy in the back seat – Scott Pickup

Last First – Martin Keady

The Old Man – Leon Bell

No Man’s Land – Tom Canning


Man Cave – Mark Higgins

New Moon 5280 – Dean Harakas

Turquoise – Lewis Benjamin Peck

End of Denial – Jay Pendragon

Last Time – Stuart Mckechnie

A murder mistaken – Simon Alexander

The Undisputed Champion of the World – John Morrison

Best Feature Screenplays


The night witches – Steven John Prowse

Crashing Down – Graeme Keeton

Review – Jonathan Zarantonello

Foxtrot one one – Steve Langridge

The Fallout – Dominic Flanagan


Wonderful Things – Annie Thorpe

Six Boxes in Six Hotel Rooms – Graema Keeton

Bonnie & Clive – Leigh Poulten

Baby, Please don’t go – Eoin O’Faolain

The prophet of beamr – Ryan Colleran

Two Scoops of Summer – Alison Taylor

The Crystal Wall – Fernanda Alvarez 


A Son’s Gift – Michele Bell

McGovern – Kyle Gray

Roberta – Stephen Cottage

Do not divide the dead – Jonathan Angelo Concepcion

Kilt – Ron Leach, Kristian Hodko

Uppers – Revell Carpenter

Above the Horizon – Russell Conley

The Forge – Howard W. Robert

The perfect sugar for my cup of tea- Venkata Nagaraju Mylavarapu

Young Adolf – Thomas David Kehoe

Mia – Matthew Townsend

One Way Out – Alyxandrya Prynce

Gorget – Paul G. Andrews

Best Short Film


Please, have a seat! – Eteri Nioradze

Scorching Sunday Sale – Owen R Barbet

Waiting for Nicko – Howard Perry


Cherry Swamp Road – Josh Cummins

No internet – Kyle Lawrence

Finding Filman – Kevin Anglin

Not Clickbail!!! (Gone wrong) – Ryan Edwards


Black Coffee – Vito Lyles

The New Normal – Starina Johnson

Trillo & Suede – Jonathan Geffner

A Pipe cleaner’s dream – Jonathan Riles

Isolation – Justin MacGregor

The Henry McHenry Trial, Don’t judge a kid by their hoody – Ken Sagoes

SMILE – Kevin Uskokovic

Gramps’ Moving on – Tanya Huston 

Best Feature Film


A Christmas Cancellation – Justin Timpane

Broken Thorne – Alexnda Kukuff


Poster of a girl – Neill R Bell-Shaw

Undercover Harry – Nicolas Demetri

The Longing Motions – Sally Kimko


Forlorning – Hezreel Robertson

Behind the name, Shakespear – Robin Phillips

This girl, here – Ashley Read

The beehive – Lisa Benningham

Best 1 page screenplay


The Duelist – Robert Leo Cox

Last Rites – Martin Keady

Frankenstein’s Birthday – Matthew J. Kaplan


Closing Time – Dale Foster

The box – Steven Jeram

There wasn’t anything I liked – Amaris Gagnon

William – Victoria Senna


Bitter – Isaac Fisher

The girl in the river – Brando Bretton

Fever Pitch – J.J Hillard

Posion – Leon Bell

Appetit – Olayitan Williams

Seeds of a Revolution – Millar Prescott

Death offers life – Madhu R

Lbd – Olayitan Willaims